When he was seven years old, Roland Meyer de Voltaire and his parents moved from their cosy, quiet hometown in Germany straight to a main road in a 13-floor building in the middle of Moscow. Cars were driving by with 100 km/h right in front of their window all day. Everything appeared a lot louder, darker and estranged. With all his heart he wanted to go home. Almost eight years later, still in Moscow, the picture had changed: He had friends, his first band, parties, early teenage sufferings and glories – and when the time came to move back to Germany, he didn’t want to go. Moscow had become the place where he had all his friends and he was about to lose them all at once.

“What I learned from this, home is not necessarily where you come from, home is about belonging. It’s where you have the people who make you feel at home. In times where a lot of people talk about “their” country which only they should have the privilege to call home because of their ethnicity, religion or given birthright. I just want to say this, home is a situation amongst people and that can include anyone, anywhere.” explains Roland Meyer de Voltaire about the meaning behind his new track ‘Home’.

‘Home’ is accompanied by a gorgeous video, where sound and visual are perfectly intertwined. The video for ‘Home’ is based on the critically acclaimed documentary film ‘Meanwhile in Mamelodi’, directed by Benjamin Kahlmeyer, who had followed a South African family in their daily routine during the 2010 World Cup in the township of Mamelodi. Three generations under one tiny roof sharing small and big issues, having just left behind the struggles of apartheid and hopefully glancing towards a brighter future. The music of SCHWARZ has a cinematographic quality which adds another level of meaning to the footage. Benjamin Kahlmeyer explains: “When Roland played the song “Home” to me for the first time I immediately saw the connection between the song and the imagery of Mamelodi. The music of SCHWARZ has a cinematographic quality which adds another level of meaning to the footage.”.



Schwarz Live EP
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Roland Meyer de Voltaire’s voice can cut like a blade and soothe like a feather. If he were a virtuoso trumpet player you would say: He has a tone - the best compliment there is for a soloist. SCHWARZ is a new chapter in the artists life following the end of his band VOLTAIRE. SCHWARZ (the German word for "black") in terms of the black frame in films, in terms of the cinema space turning dark for just a moment, knowing that soon light will project a movie onto the screen making images move. "Home" merges orchestral spheres with electronic beats, unified by a nowadays scarce courage towards emotion, towards hymnody, towards voluptuous melodies. Pop music that is thrilling and not just clever.

"After many years of songwriting in bands, working as a film composer, away from the strict structures of the song, felt very liberating and inspiring. This is about creating emotional atmospheres, big spaces in which time dissolves. With SCHWARZ I try balancing both worlds - song and timeless space."
- Roland Meyer de Voltaire

Roland Meyer - SCHWARZ

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Booking: Landstreicher
Photos: Stefan Höderath, Benjamin Kahlmeyer
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